New counseling organization in South Africa

The SASREG Psychology and Counselling Special Interest Group was formed on the 31 October 2015. The main task of the group is to set up goals for psychologists involved in field of ART. Our current goals are to share best practice and stay updated in this rapidly changing multidisciplinary field.The SASREG 2015 National Congress “new Debates in Endoscopy and Infertility” hold for the first time such multi-disciplinary congress has been orchestrated in our field.Delegates has been include General Gynaecologist, Expert Endoscopic Surgeons, Reproductive Medicine Subspecialist, Embryologists, Fertility Nurses, Endoscopic Theatre Nurses, Fertility Counsellors and Fertility Legal Experts.

Dr Petra Thorn opened the SIG group with her talk about Family Dynamics and Counselling of Donor children and Cross Border Reproduction.

Lizanne van Waart, South Africa