I  I  C  O

International Infertility Counseling Organisation

The goals and purposes of the International Infertility Counseling Organization


  • Encourage and support international cooperation and education among mental health professionals working in the field of reproductive health psychology and promote a greater understanding of the psychological of infertility, standards of care and practice, cultural dimensions, and legal and ethical issues impacting patients undergoing treatment for reproductive health issues worldwide
  • Establish an affiliation with other infertility counseling organizations worldwide by supporting the organization of current professional infertility counseling associations. 
  • Encourage and support the establishment of additional professional infertility counseling organizations worldwide.
  • To establish global professional standards and practice guidelines for the provision of psychological care regarding reproductive issues.
  • Organize regular meetings on international infertility counseling at regular intervals in conjunction with the purpose of providing educational opportunities and professional collaboration.
  • Encourage the education of professionals addressing the importance of psychosocial support services in conjunction with medical care. 
  • Establish professional standards and guidelines for the psychosocial care and treatment of infertile patients.