Workshop on infertility counseling in Helsinki

On the Saturday prior to the ESHRE conference in Helsinki, we had a very successful and well attended workshop focusing on third party family reproduction. There were approx. 40 participants from all over the world, including countries such as Japan and Hong Kong, and our Finnish colleagues had organized a wonderful venue: a typically Finnish house by the lake , and they had also organized great weather. Thank you once more to them for organizing this!

Here the programme once more, for your orientation:


Petra Thorn Vice-Chair of IICO; Chair of German Society for Fertility Counseling, Germany

Welcome to Helsinki” and Counselling for third-party-reproduction in Finland- short review
Maiju Tokola and Riikka Toivanen , Psychologist, psychotherapist Psychotherapy clinic Tunnetila, Finland

Infertility patients in Finland: the journey to openness -The Finnish Infertility Association Simpukka
Chief executive Johanna Repo, Finland and Accociation secretary Satu Rautakallio-Hokkanen, Finland

The future connections and arrangements with the donors and recipients
Mirka Paavilainen, Psychologist, psychotherapist Fertility-clinic Ovumia, Finland

Society´s response to donor-conceived families: what do we know?
Astrid Indekeu, lic. psychologist, postdoctoral researcher, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, and Catholic University Leuven, Belgium

Carpe fucking diem”-
An artistic photographic autobiographical documentary of involuntary childlessness and experiences of infertility treatments of a Finnish Photographer Elina Brotherus, Finland

The 1985 Swedish legislation on identity-release donation – follow-up 30 years later
Claudia Lampic, lic. psychologist, associate professor, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Recruitment of donors in Swedish identity-release programs – psychological and social aspects
Gunilla Sydsjö, lic. psychotherapist and social scientist, University Hospital Linköping, and professor, Linköping University, Sweden


I will post the presentations as speakers will send them to me so that those who were unable to attend can have a look at what we discussed. Here is the first presentation sent to me by Astrid Indekeu.

And here some photos of the workshop:
IMG_2112 IMG_2111 IMG_2107